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Industry 4.0

PRETECH’s 25+ years of domain expertise in Chemicals & Life science Industry.

Having realized the scope of bridging the space between ERP, MES and the Plant Data; PRETECH offers industrial IT solutions to facilitate the business owners / CEOs / top managers.

These solutions are built on ‘plug and play’ type customizable software modules which include Data Analytics, AI, ML and other state of the art technologies as required.

It provides connectivity to the business assets with assured data security through options of cloud based as well as on-site hosting.

Industry 4.0 / IiOTSolutions

  • Visualize… the business processes live, monitor the key business parameters on your PC / Laptop and smart phones / devices.
  • Integrate… entire manufacturing business from sales order to production planning to RM / FG inventory.
  • Optimize… the asset utilization through Uptime monitoring, Standby alerts, percentage occupancy / utilization, performance analysis, and maintenance alerts.
  • Combat… against the odds by getting Live and Predictive alerts about costs, asset availability, productivity, inventory and other key business parameters.
  • Sail… smoothly through theturbulent market by providing agility to the business to quickly realign with market dynamics and easily adopt to the changes in the processes.
  • Adopt… the changes in the processes agilely by quickly realigning the business with market dynamics.



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